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Travel Abroad: 6 Ways Africans Can Travel To UK, USA, Canada or Australia

Immigration is as old as mankind and these days, Africans seem to be at the center of it all. You probably have some African friends or relatives who will tell you they would rather choose a travel abroad opportunity to job offer in African, isn’t it?

Well, among the several reasons that maybe, I think most of them like the idea that you get paid well for odd jobs abroad before deciding a career. Now, let me provide you with some staggering statistics on this matter.

According to Statista, more than 40 million people emigrated from the continent in 2020 alone (that is more than the entire population of Ghana), with most of these African immigrants originating from Eastern and Northern Africa.

That is a huge number of people leaving the motherland. But can we blame them? May be not. The economic opportunities in Canada, US, UK or Australia are enticing, and the standard of living desirable.

If you should quiz a few people on the streets about relocating to America or Europe, I will conservatively say that most of them will choose the travelling opportunity. Immigration has been the reality of human history, and Africans are keeping it alive.

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Relocation in any form is a big decision and requires a lot of planning.  You can’t just pack up and jet off. So if you are thinking of immigrating to UK, Canada, US or Australia, then you might want to do some good planning.

For instance, the country you would want to immigrate to, what the visa requirements are and the best if not easier available routes to immigrate.

The truth is, these thoughts can sometimes be confusing and difficult especially if you are a first time traveler or have no one to receive you on arrival. This article talks about 6 ways African relocate to Europe, America or Asia.

1. The Academic way

Africans can relocate abroad using the academic route. This way, you apply for studies in a foreign country, say UK, Canada or US.

It could be through self-funding, partial funding or full funding scholarships that do not require you to return to your home country immediately after completing your studies.

However, your stay will mostly depend on your grades. So you will need to bag excellent grades to get employed or even earn fresh scholarships to extend your studies and stay.

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2. Employment Route

Getting a full time or part-time job abroad can expedite visa application process and help you relocate abroad. It is one of the easier ways of immigration.

Countries like the UK, USA, Canada and Australia are in constant demand for highly skilled labor force who can help better their economies.

As such, there are a lot of work opportunities for Africans. Look them up online or at the various consulates/embassies and apply.

3. Partner Route

If you are an African and your spouse lives abroad, it is easier to immigrate there too. Where you are not married but still wants to explore this route, all you need to fall in love and marry someone who is already a resident in either Europe, America, Asia etc. And boom, you are out of Africa.

But, different countries may have different spousal visa requirements. So, just find out the requirements for the country of your spouse and follow the process.

4. Company Sponsorship

Some companies with global presence are known to facilitate visa application process for some employees from time to time. Usually, this benefit is with companies or industries where knowledge and experience is transferred beyond borders.

Sometimes, the companies sponsor travel visa applications when African employees secure jobs abroad. So, you can try some job openings and see how it goes.  

5. Permanent Residency Route

Countries like Canada and Australia have permanent residency routes for Africans willing and ready to immigrate to those countries.

There are many programs like the Canadian Permanent Residency Program handled by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of the Canadian Government.

The IRCC “facilitates the entry of permanent residents in a way that maximizes their economic, social, and cultural contribution to Canada while at the same time protecting the health and safety and security of Canadians.”  You may want to learn about the possible eligibility tests and requirements.

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6. Investment Route

You can also relocate abroad through the investment route. This option is usually best for high net earning Africans or top level business investors.

These persons are favored for permanent residency as by way of attracting investors to the receiving countries.

Travel Tips: Cheap ways to travel abroad

Travelling abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. There are cheaper ways to visit and enjoy life abroad.

Join Volunteer Abroad Programs

There are several volunteer opportunities abroad for all persons. These programs including teaching abroad, joining communities to push a cause etc.

This is a cheap way to travel as you have to pay a relatively small fee to join the program.

And the amount usually covers accommodation, meals, tickets etc.  If you are lucky, you could be earning stipends for your service. Consider it a double win.

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Choose Budget Friendly Destinations

Generally speaking, there are many affordable places you can travel to. As I mentioned earlier, travelling abroad doesn’t have to be costly, so cost of living at your destination should be core of your travel plans.

There are great places with affordable accommodation, good food and cheaper transportation that are worth visiting. You might want to consider that.

Consider Travel Abroad Packages

If you plan of visiting some the nice places for recreation and fun, an all-inclusive may work best for you. The packages are usually discounted or covers most of your costs; accommodation, transportation and even meals. So try this option sometimes.

In all, travelling can be done through many routes for less money than you’d expect. If you have been dreaming about travelling abroad, now is the time.

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