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2022 Switzerland Scholarships With No IELTS Requirement For Africans

Reputable Swiss Government and private universities have opened scholarship applications for the 2022 – 2023 session. Most of these Switzerland Scholarships do not require IELTS scores to apply.

Therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to apply early to avoid any difficulties or rush submissions.

What are the benefits of Swiss Scholarship?

Applicants who win either Swiss Government or private university scholarships could enjoy some or all of these benefits during their studies abroad;

1. Tuition waivers
2. Fully paid scholarship
3. Round air tickets (free)
4. Feeding allowance
5. Living and monthly stipends
6. Cover for study material costs                                                                        
7. Hostel/Housing allowance
8. Free accommodation
9. Part-time work opportunity on student visa

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How to study in Switzerland without IELTS scores

Universities in Switzerland lectures in French, German and English. Usually, applicants to these universities are required to submit the relevant language test scores.

However, you can still study in Switzerland without IELTS scores. Swiss universities accept IELTS alternatives that meet the language criteria by the specific university and the Swiss Government.

To get you up to speed, here are IELTS score alternatives include but not limited to;

3. CAE
5. CPE
6. FCE

If you are a native of an English speaking country or have completed a previous education in English, you won’t be required to provide an English language proficiency proof.

Switzerland scholarships with no IELTS requirement:

Listed and discussed below are Swiss Government and private university scholarships for local and foreign applicants;

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1. University of Geneva Scholarship

The reputable University of Geneva offers scholarships to both local and foreign applicants for the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Research programs.

The available scholarships include the University of Geneva Excellence Masters Scholarships, Swiss Government Scholarships, ACI Foundation Richard D. Stehly Memorial Scholarships, etc.

Winners of these scholarships will be entitled to travel allowance, fee waivers, scholarship rewards, monthly stipends, etc.

2. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) Scholarships

EPFL provides a number of scholarships for students who want to study BSc, MA/MSc and Doctoral programs without mandatory IELTS scores.

The various scholarships include; Need-based Scholarships, Bachelor’s Excellence Fellowship, EPFL Special Scholarships, Master’s Excellence Scholarships, Swiss Government Scholarships, etc.

However, it is essential for students to submit TOEFL, TOEIC or FCE to abide by the EPFL language requirements.

3. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is an initiative by the Swiss Government in partnership with Swiss universities to offer scholarship to deserving international and local applicants.

Swiss Excellence Scholarships is in two parts;

Arts Scholarships: available for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree

Research Scholarships: available for students holding a Postgraduate or Master’s degree.

The scholarship covers of full tuition cost, living costs, stipends, accommodation allowance and much more. Applicants do not need IELTS scores to apply.

4. University of Zurich Scholarships

University of Zurich offers funded scholarships to Undergraduate, Graduate and Ph.D. candidates. The scholarships available are the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships and Ph.D. Scholarships.

The benefits of these scholarship include fee waivers, scholarship rewards, travel sponsorship etc.  Applicants who don’t have IELTS must submit either CEFR, TOEFL, CAE or CPE scores as part of the scholarship application.

5. University of Basel Scholarship

The University of Basel has the Cantonal Scholarships, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, Start-up Scholarships for the Social Sciences, etc.

Applicants willing to study their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE or BCE higher language test scores can apply for the abovementioned scholarships.

However, admission application fee of University of Geneva costs CHF 100.

6. University of Bern Scholarships

Eligible applicants who want to study under scholarship schemes at University of Bern, Switzerland can apply for the Fulbright Scholarship, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, Scholarships Canton of Bern, etc.

This scholarship is available for candidates pursing Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorates. It offers a tuition fee waiver, free accommodation, living allowance, etc.

Interested applicants must submit TOEFL scores as an alternative to IELTS for the University of Bern scholarships.

7. ETH Zurich Scholarships

Applicants planning to purse the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., and non-degree programs can apply for the ETH Zurich scholarships. It offers multiple benefits with academic and financial support.

Acceptable IELTS language test alternatives at the ETH Zurich include TOEFL, CAE, and CPE.

8. University of Neuchatel Scholarships

Students who wish to study BSc, MSc or Doctorate in Law, Nursing Business, etc. at University of Neuchatel can apply scholarships.

.Confederation scholarships, Cantonal scholarships, Mobility scholarship and others, are opened for application.

However, it is required of applicants to submit any of the following language tests scores as an IELTS alternative; TOEFL, GRE or GMAT scores.

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