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How to Make Money from Just Taking Online Surveys at Your Free Time

Passive income is not a myth, nor is it for some special type of people. With internet, you can earn real money at your free time, at your own pace.

If you are online, then you can actually make some extra cash online, to at least defray your internet bundle/bills and save the extra. I have researched for the best survey websites that can help you make passive income to supplement your salary.

Can I make money from completing online surveys?

Absolutely yes, you can. It is possible to complete online surveys for money. Though the payouts won’t make you the next richest person, they can add up nicely.

There is no harm in trying to earn small decent money that can add up over time. That said, take your time to read through the offer from each survey service provider, look at the amounts they pay for just taking surveys and tasks.

If you are okay with one or two, click on the links beneath each and signup. At your free time, you can give them a try. Some can be fun and interesting. I hope you find them so.

What are the best online surveys for money?


Swagbucks allows you to complete surveys and earn what they call swagbuck points. The site also provides opportunities to earn some money from watching videos and playing games.

You can accumulate Swagbucks points around 40 – 200 points per survey or task completed, and redeem these points for cash, gift cards or sweepstakes. The average payout for completing one survey will earn you between 40 cents and $2. Cash out starts from $3 for gift cards and $25 for cash through PayPal.

However, there are some rare chances to earn up to $50 dollars per survey. It is reported that, Swagbucks gives out coupons and samples, but only occasionally. You can signup at Swagbucks for FREE.

Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is a popular site for making money by taking surveys. It offers a high point value for completing surveys, and the dashboard shows the points you earned from a survey.

You can redeem your points for cash or gift cards, but that’s only when you have 500 points which is $5 (so 100 points pays $1). You can cash out at a minimum of $10. Survey Junkie review

Opinion Outpost

As usual, you complete surveys, earn points and cash out. Most of their surveys are worth 3 to 30 points. Opinion outpost point system is straightforward and rewards you 10cents per point.

A survey completed can earn you up to 250 points anyway. You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal, free Amazon gift card, Apple Store gift card or iTunes gift card. Opinion Outpost review.


InboxDollar is also a survey website but it stands out. Here, instead of accumulating points, you rather accumulate earning in cash. This makes it easier to see how much you will earn before beginning a task.

When you sign up, you’ll earn $5 as a welcome bonus if you confirm your email. Minimum withdrawal amount is pegged at $30. You can also watch videos and play games to add up points and redeem for cash through PayPal or gift cards. Check this InboxDollars review


Toluna doesn’t bombard you with just any surveys, but rather allows you to pick of interest. This can be fun, as you take surveys in your area of interest while you earn money.

You would earn 500points upfront after signing up and confirming your email. Each survey completed is worth between 15 and 50,000 points. You can redeem these points as cash or other gift card options on the website. Visit Toluna for more information


My points offer a $10 welcome bonus Amazon or Visa gift cards to get you started. You earn points by taking surveys and/or shopping online, watching videos, redeeming coupons, booking travel accommodation or playing games.

It is reported that, you will need to spend at least $20 within 30days on their site before you access the $10 bonus. For more information, check out MyPoints review.


i-Say only offers survey through its Paris based parent market research firm, Ipsos. This is great as you will just be connected to just one website to take surveys, compared to others.

After completing a survey, you will earn points, typically between 45 to 90 points per survey. When you get to 500points, you can start redeeming it through PayPal, gift cards or donate it to charity. Here is an i-Say review


The usual drill; take surveys, earn points and redeem through PayPal cash ore-gift cards. 500 to 1000 points are awarded per survey and you can’t cash out until you reach the minimum threshold of 25,000 points (which is around $25). Check out the OneOpinion Review.

What do I need to know about surveys for money?

  • Never pay to take survey

You are supposed to be paid for your time. If you are requested to pay to complete surveys, cancel and leave the site as quick as you can, else you may be in for a scam.

  • Taking surveys won’t make you rich

Some survey sites can pay as low as $1 or a little more per hour, so get a real job that will pay. Only take surveys when you have some time to spare.

  • Payouts are not quick

To think that you can redeem your points today and cashout today is not possible. Some sites take about a week to confirm payments, so survey websites are not a place for quick cash.

  • Create an email just for surveys

Once you confirm your email account with a survey sites, you could be bombarded with a lots of surveys, as if your email is not full already. To avoid missing personal emails, create a separate one for surveys.

  • Don’t spend too much time on Surveys

Taking surveys is not to be a fulltime job. It is just to get you rewarded for ticking boxes and answering questions. The payouts aren’t worth it for 10s of hours. An hour or 2 per day is fine.

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