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14 YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners To Make Money in 2022

YouTube has become the most popular and leading destination for online video contents. YouTube records billions of views from users, watching millions of hours of videos daily.

A great YouTube video idea can set your channel up for success fast, and a lot of people are taking advantage of this opportunity to make money online.

There are many YouTube video ideas that you can choose from to make your channel a success. Below are 14 video ideas to keep your channel running;

1. Review Products On YouTube

We use different products of different brands every day. Think of your smartphone, the shirt you are wearing, your gadgets, electronics at home or office, software you use and so on. These are products that you know how they worked for you or maybe not.

You can talk about them in a form of product review on your YouTube channel. People always want to know how a product works before purchasing.

You never know the third eye that’s watching. You might be doing it for fun, but it could land you a deal.

2. Make video Lyrics

Not many musicians have lyrics of their songs on YouTube. So, you can take advantage of that and create video lyrics of songs. From time to time, I watch video lyrics. I could be one of your viewers one day.

3. Teach a skill on YouTube

There is nearly every answer to any question online. And as visual beings, we like it more in a video format.

Compare being taught how to play a guitar in a blog write-up to a YouTube video. Which one will you go for? Now that’s what I am talking about.

You can teach barely any skill in different episodes of YouTube videos. People are always searching for answers, and there is a high chance that you will get views. When you’ve gathered enough following, you can monetize you channel and start making some good money.

4. Create videos on life hacks.

The other day, I was watching some videos on how to create a mouse trap at home. That is more than life hack.

These kind of videos are the ones that teaches you how to make a process simpler or how to make your life better. If you know any tricks, share it on YouTube.

5. Book reviews YouTube video

Review your favorite book(s). You can talk about the author, why you love the book and why you think others should get a copy and get paid for that. You can even start a blog to earn more money.

6. Movie review YouTube video

Similar to the above, you can review a movie you have watched or you have been watching. Talk about the actors/actresses, the plot, the suspense or even how the movie ended. Movie lovers consider reviews a lot, so your videos will get viewed.

7. Opinion videos

Record videos sharing your opinion about anything that interests you. From politics, entertainment, sports, movies, celebrities, global events and so on. Users are always looking out for second thoughts.

8. Stream live video games on YouTube

These days you can compete in video games with other players you have met or will never meet.

Sometimes even when you are playing your favorite videos game(s), you need clues to get through missions and stages. A lot of gamers face the same situation.

So why not record your gaming stages/mission successes or live-stream it on YouTube whiles playing? You will definitely get views, and get paid for it.

9. Create workout videos

A lot of people turn to YouTube videos for workout tips and guidance. If you trying out some body goals or you are a gym freak, you can record sessions of your training to guide others.

10. Create funny video content on YouTube

This is definitely not for everyone, but if you are good at making others laugh, then this is the time to take it to the world stage.

You can interview people on the streets on funny questions, or create short YouTube videos of comedies. People want to laugh and relax, so create something for them on YouTube.

11. Critic videos

One of my friends has a YouTube channel where he critic musicians and other celebrities on what he thinks is not right with their actions in public.

You can critic politicians, policies, celebrities, and many other stuff. All you need is to share your opinions in a video on YouTube.

12. Create ‘How to’ video

Millions of people continually look for answers on the internet every day. So you can create a ‘how to’ YouTube videos on some of the best ideas, your experiences or selected topics that answers their queries.

For instance, you can share your experience on how to pay off debts or your knowledge on how to make money online filling surveys and so on.

You can even start a blog and link it with your channel, giving you viewers both videos and reading options.

13. Behind the scene YouTube video

There are many products on the market that some customers may be curious about how they are manufactured.

Sometimes, people wants to replicate or manufacture similar products, and will want to know how they are produced. You can create behind the scenes videos to meet them half way.

14. Create animal YouTube video

If you have a pet or you have been visiting a zoo often, you can make videos of their unique behaviors or looks. Viewers love them.

One or two ideas from this list can get you starting your YouTube. Just make sure you know the niche for your channel just so you don’t mix up contents.

You can monetize your YouTube channel when you meet the requirements. With good content, this can happen in no time and you can make money on YouTube fast.

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