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How to Verify Your Business on Google

Creating a business profile on Google is one thing, getting it authenticated is another. In this article, I will walk you through the steps to verify your Business on Google.

Verifying your Google Business Profile improves the chance of your business ranking higher in search result.

If you haven’t setup your business on Google yet, read on how to setup Google Business Profile account. This helps prospect online customers know your products, your business contacts and location.

Setting up business and verifying it on Google puts you ahead of competition. Now, lets get to it.

Follow these steps to verify and customize your Google Business Profile

1. Choose Verification Method

The first step is to choose a verification method to prove the business is operating at the specified address. You can verify your business profile by receiving the pin code through postcard, email or number.

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a. Postcard Verification

Verify Google My Business profile via Post card

Receiving a postcard by mail is the most common route for verification for all business types. With this option, Google will send a postcard containing a pin code to the business address you entered when creating the business profile.

Usually you should receive it within five days. If you don’t receive the postcard, you can request a replacement. The pin code must be entered on the appropriate place on your Google My Business dashboard.

b. Email Verification

As with phone verification, the email alternative isn’t available to everyone.

If you do have the option to verify by email, then you can request the code to your inbox. This will only be sent to the email address connected to the Google Business account.

c. Phone Verification

As with email verification, the phone verification isn’t available to all business types. Based on the business information you provided, you may be able to verify your accounts over the phone.

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If you’re eligible, this option will appear on the verification page, and if you choose it, you’ll receive a code via an automated phone call to complete the process.

Customize your Google business profile

Customize Google My Business profile

After you have chosen and enter the code to verify your Google My Business profile, you need you customise it. Here is how to do that;

a. Add the Business Description

Here, you tell consumers what your business is about. Is it a gym center, restaurant, electrical shop or saloon for kids?

Giving a description of the business will help consumers know what you offer and make a purchase decision. The description should be clear, concise and complete.

b. Add the business hours

Adding your business hours is very important. Your hours of operation tell potential customers when your business opens and closes.

It also helps them know when they can visit or contact you either on business days, public holidays or temporary shut downs. In case your business time changes, you can come back anytime and edit it accordingly.

c. Add messaging option

Adding a messaging options to your Google business profile helps you connect with your online audiences. If you have a digital marketer assigned to manage your business online, then accepting messages within you Google business account is a smart idea.

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This is because, you don’t know when a potential customer will message you. If you enable the messaging function and you are unresponsive, consumers will turn to your competitors and this is not good for sales and user experience.

However, if you will be active online and accept messages, you can add messaging. Always know that, you can pause or disable this feature any time.

d. Add Photos

Imagine google searching for hotels or restaurants near you and the search results are only texts with no images to show the condition of the rooms, the price lists etc. That’s exactly how potential customers will feel, undecided; and, that will affect sales.

Quality photos help online audience visualize your business processes, physical location, products or services. Upload as many good photos as possible as to help customers know your brand at a glance.

Remember that customers who have patronized your services, used your products or being to your business location can add their own photos to the listing. Some people leave a review whiles adding those photos.

It is important to optimize your Google Business to make it show at the top searches and drive sales.

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