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Where do I Get Emergency Online Loan? Is True Cedi Loan App Real?

Situations happen and you may be in dare need of money to fix things. Emergency online loan with no collateral is not difficult to find. There are a lot of instant mobile money loans online that you can access with no stress.

The True Cedi loan app is developed to make mobile money loans readily available and accessible by anyone who needs a soft loan.

No need to join loan queues for petty loans. You can get loan on the True Cedi loan app in less than 3 minutes after inputting the necessary details.

The online loan application process, approval and disbursement of your money is paperless.

How can I get money on the True Cedi loan App?

You can access soft instant loans online from the True Cedi loan app if you provide these details;

A valid ID card such as Ghana card, Voter’s ID or passport.

Proof that you’re 18years and above

An email account

An active phone number

How do I apply instant money on True Cedi App?

Following the steps below to apply for a loan on True Cedi Mobile loan App;

Download the true cedi mobile App from Google Play store

Open the App and Register

Agree to the terms of App usage

Verify your phone number with the One Time Pin (OTP)

Click on ‘next‘ if your pin is delivered successfully.

After, fill in the basic requirements in the loan application.

Provide your bank account details for loan amount disbursal

Get money directly transferred into your bank account

Are online loans interest free? What is the interest rate on true Cedi loan?

Online loans attract different rates depending on the company and the amount of loan you are approved for.

The interest rate on online loans on true cedi App differs by the loan amount, and the time for repayment. Loans with a long repayment period usually attracts a higher rate of interest compared to loans with a shorter repayment period.

What is the maximum loan I can get from online loan Apps? How much does True Cedi loan App give?

Online loans are just for quick fix and not enough to buy you a new house or car. Nonetheless, you can get enough instant loans online to pay for your medical bills, tuition fees, repairs and maintenance, travel tickets and so on.

The True Cedi Loan App offer applicants a minimum of GH¢50 to a maximum of GH¢60,000.

download the true cedi loan app

Will online loan companies check my credit history?

Most online loan providers don’t consider your credit score before approving your loan request. This is because the loan amounts are usually small and expected to be paid back with ease.

In fact when you have a bad credit, you can still get emergency loans online without credit check. However, the amount you will get will be lesser than if you had a good credit score.

Conclusion on free money online

Loans can be an immediate relief if you are cash strapped but taking on much loans than your income can cover can put you in a serious financial stress.

You can pick the best strategy to pay off loan faster to help you clear your debts. If that is too much for you, then look at these financial tricks to help you avoid debts.

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