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Best Instant Loan Apps in Ghana 2022

These days, almost every process or procedure you can think of is being digitalized. Thanks to Fintech companies, there are instant loan apps in Ghana, providing hassle free, easy money to the public.

With a mobile phone and an instant loan App, you are a click away from borrowing a quick cash. Most of these apps requires no collateral or salary information before giving the loan.

The online loan forms are next to nothing of a stress. However, the information you provide could determine the cash range you will be given by the lender you select.

So if you some quick cash to sort yourself, I have gathered some of the best instant loan Apps in Ghana for you to choose from.

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Some best loan apps in Ghana

  • Boseapa Loan App
  • KiaKia Loan App
  • Aella Credit loan app
  • Branch Loans App
  • Fido Loan App
  • PayLater Loan App
  • FairMoney

Loan application and processing in Ghana is now very quick and easier with apps. Some of these apps include:

1.  Boseapa Loan App

Boseapa is a fintech company that gives instant loans in Ghana. It is one of the best loan Apps that provides hassle free and convenient loans up to Gh₵ 60,000.

They have 24hr customer support with quick loan transferred directly into your bank account. If you face medical emergencies, repairs and maintenance, travel or cash shortfalls, you can apply for Boseapa loan online or through their App.

How to Apply for Boseapa Loans;

  1. Create an account to check your eligibility for the loan
  2. Complete the loan application
  3. Provide your bank details for the loan disbursal
  4. Get the easy money transferred directly into your bank account

2.  Aella Credit Loan App

aella app is among loan apps in Ghana

Aella Credit Loan App provides salaried employees with instant loans at the most affordable rates, with no collateral or guarantors requirements.

Steps to apply for Aella Credit Loan

  • Download Aella Credit app from Google play store or IOS app store.
  • Create your account with your details.
  • Provide short answers to some few questions about you.
  • Check your eligibility for the loan and the amount you can borrow.
  • If approved, amount will be disbursed to your account in five minutes or less.

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3.  Branch Loans App

Best loan apps Ghana

The Branch Loan app is one of Ghana’s best loan apps. Just like Aella, this App allows you to access a credit loan without collateral.

The application process is fast and if approved, the loan is transferred directly into your account in no time. Customer support is available 24/7, should you need any assistance.

How to apply for Branch loan

You can apply for Branch loan Ghana by:

  1. Download the Branch Loan App on google play store.
  2. Create your account with your details for quick review.
  3. Apply for your preferred loan option.
  4. Receive the loan into your preferred bank account.

4. FairMoney Loan app

FairMoney is one of the best money lending apps in Ghana. You can access instant loans of up to Gh₵20,000 with no collateral needed.

The quick loans can be used for various purposes ranging from health emergencies, rental payments, to other personal needs.

How to apply for a FairMoney loan?

To access a loan from FairMoney loan App, you have to:

  1. Download the FairMoney app on google play store
  2. Sign up with a phone number linked to your BVN.
  3. Answer a few questions and authenticate your identity.
  4. Once your loan request is approved, the funds would be transferred to the bank details you provided.

5.  Fido money lending app in Ghana

fido loan app

Fido is a licensed Fintech company operating in Ghana. The company provides short-term loans to the public with no collateral, guarantor, and application fees requirement.

To access a loan from this app as a Ghana resident, you need to be a money subscriber to any network.

How to get loan on Fido Mobile App

  1. Download the Fido Mobile App from Play store.
  2. Register using your accurate details.
  3. Fill the loan form in the mobile app.
  4. The money will be transferred to your bank account immediately your loan request is approved.

5.  PayLater Loan App

PayLater loan app gives loan in minutes. It is one of the leading loan apps in Ghana with different loan ranges at the lowest of interest.

If you sign up and refer another person, you get a discount on your loan

How to get a loan from PayLater

You can get PayLater loan by:

  1. Download PayLater mobile app from Google play store.
  2. Create an account with your details.
  3. Fill the loan form on the app.
  4. Submit the form and wait for review.
  5. Receive the loan, if approved.

6.  KiaKia Loan App

KiaKia loan app Ghana

KiaKia loan app is among the best mobile loan apps in Ghana. Just like the previous Apps, you can get instant loan from KiaKia without collateral.

The App is always available for you to access, with fewer loan application processes required.

How does KiaKia loan App works?

To get a loan from KiaKia, you have to:

  1. Create an account with your details.
  2. Start an application chat with a KiaKia agent on the App or online
  3. Upload your personal ID
  4. Choose the desired loan amount.
  5. Select the repayment period.
  6. Upload screenshots of three previous salaries or income.
  7. Accept loan terms and conditions.
  8. Confirm your submitted bank account.
  9. Once approved, the money is transferred into your bank account.

Always make sure that, you take loans only when you need them. It should be your last resort as a source of personal or business finance. Try as much as possible to find ways to avoid debts, but if you have a pending debt burden, choose a debt repayment strategy to help you pay it faster.

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