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Best Money Lending Apps in Ghana 2022

Emergencies happen and you may not be liquid enough to pay your way through. The alternative would be, to borrow money and pay later, and there are money lending apps to help you out.

These days, borrowing has become easier than ever. You can just borrow any amount of money you need from a lender through your mobile phone.

Longer queues and bunch of paper work at the bank has been cut off. It is you, your phone and a money lending app. This is what distinct it from the traditional bank loans in Ghana.

Although, many of these lending apps offer different options to borrowers, we have put together some of the best apps that could suit your money needs.

Before we get to business, let’s look at the lending apps, where you can find and use them, shall we?

What is a money lending app?

Money lending Apps are mobile applications that allow you to apply for an instant loan without visiting the bank. Where ever you are, once you have the App on your mobile phone, you are just a click away from getting a loan.

Most of these money lending Apps are available for download. Android users can download them from Google play store, and iOS device users can also download them from the App store.

You can manage these Apps on your phone or do so on the lender’s website.

How does money lending apps work in Ghana?

Money lending apps allows you to access a range cash, depending on the loan amount you need to start with, and sometimes the information you provide.

There are no minimum loan amounts but there are always amounts capped by the lenders to reduce the risk of loan default.

The best money lending apps in Ghana:

  • KiaKia Loan
  • Aella Credit Loan App
  • FairMoney Loan App
  • Carbon Loan App
  • Branch Loans App

1. KiaKia Loan App

instant loan from Kiakia

KiaKia Loan app is one of the recent money lending apps in Ghana offering short-term loans to its users. It has a quick application process that delivers you a loan in less than 24hours.

Unlike other Apps, KiaKia loans are collateral free, simple and fast. The KiaKia loan requirements are also flexible.

So if you are cash strapped and needs money to cater for unexpected financial needs, download the App and apply.

2. Aella Credit Loan App

aella money lending app

Aella Credit Loan App was initially launched as a lending App for company employees who want to access cash anywhere at the most affordable rates. It was targeted at salaried workers.

With time, the fintech company has entered the Ghanaian market, offering swift access to loans. According to their website, they have given out over $5million since 2015. So, you can lean on the Aella App for a quick loan.

3. FairMoney Loan App

Just like KiaKia and Aella, Fair Money is one of the best money lending apps in Ghana. You can access instant loans of up to Gh₵20,000 with no collateral needed.

Plus, the “digital bank” offers cash loans for personal finance, vehicle maintenance, health emergencies, etc. They also offer small business loans with flexible repayment terms.

4. Carbon Loan App

Carbon money lending online

Carbon loan app is trusted by over 2.6million customers across Africa, according to their website. The money lending company provides short-term loans to help you take care of your personal finances or cater for emergencies.

Carbon gives a loan minimum of Gh₵100 and a maximum of Gh₵5000 instantly. When you payback on time, the fintech company generously rewards your trust with some cashback.

On top of that, you become eligible for loan top-ups as well. They offer space for investment too, and you can earn up to 16% interest if you invest with them.

5. Branch Loans App

branch money lending app

The Branch Loan app is one of the best money lending Apps in Ghana. It gives borrowers loans on the go with no collateral requirement.

They know it as one of the fastest loan approval apps in Ghana, working 24/7 to provide instant loans with easy application process.

The Branch Loan App is user friendly, easy to navigate and proves reliable for users.


Instant loans can be a source relief of an unexpected financial burden. However, when it comes to loan application, your creditworthiness and capacity to payback determines whether your request would be approved or rejected.

Although there are numerous money lending apps in Ghana, refrain from borrowing from different Apps or trying to exploit the Apps with loan requests.

Such act could affect your credibility score, and block you from future loans. Repay you loans on time to get you out of debts. If you’re already wallowing in debts, look out for a debt repayment strategy that will help you pay your debts faster.

Loans can be good source of money, but if you don’t need them now, don’t get them.

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