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Best Plumbing Insurance in the UK

When it comes to business, how to protecting business income, employees and asserts is the worry of every business owner. But, insurance doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are alot of cheap plumbing insurance in the UK.

This article will provide you with low cost insurance for your personal protection and safeguard for your plumbing business.

These different types of insurance available to you will that helps to cover cost of lawsuits, injuries or damages that may arise in the line of work.

Types of Plumbing Insurance

1. Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance will protect you from the cost of damage or injury to a third party property as a result of your work.

If your produces a spillage and a third part spills and get injured, this insurance will compensate or restore them to their original position before the occurrence.

Similarly, this insurance could cover for the cost of lawsuit from clients or third parties.

2. Employee’s Compensation Insurance

If you have employee’s or apprentices working for plumbing business, then you must have employee’s liability insurance.

This policy is required by in law, and a business can face penalties, fines, civil or criminal charges for non-compliance

Employee’s compensation insurance provides cover for employees against work related accidents or injuries.

It provides the benefit of medical expenses, replace lost wages or payment of cost of rehabilitation for employees’ who are injured whiles working.

3. Personal Injury Insurance

As a plumber, you will handle tools and materials every now and then. You could be out for weeks if you mistakenly hammer your fingers or hurt your back whiles lifting equipment or materials for work.

The wages lost during that period, and the medical bills would be covered by your personal insurance policy whiles you recover.

4. Tool/Machine Insurance

Plumbing tools can get lost or stolen at work site, and machines can break down. This will slow down if you don’t have money to buy a new one.

But when you have a tool/machinery insurance policy, it can cover for the cost of replacement.

5. Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is a specific type of insurance that protects your business from lawsuits or claims resulting from negligence, error or an omission.

If your plumbing business offers advisory services or consult for clients, you may want to get a professional liability insurance policy.

This will protect you from any damages that your clients may suffer as a result of your advice.

Cost of Plumbing Insurance in the UK

Plumbers Public Liability policies starts from approximately £480 per year for over £1 million coverage for plumbers with lesser experience.

If you’ve worked as plumber as a longer time, you would probably get to pay a lesser premium. This amount provides protection against third party property damage or injuries.

Cheap Plumbing Insurance Quotes in the UK

Here are some of the best insurers that offers cheap plumbing insurance in the United Kingdom:

1. Business Choice Direct

2. Nova Insurance

3. Gallagher

4. Crosby Insurance Brokers

5. Coversure

6. Tower Gate Insurance

7. GoSkippy Insurance

There are numerous insurance offerings around. To get the cheapest plumbing insurance quotes in the UK, you must compare different quotes from different insurers.

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