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50 US Universities that Accept HND and Third Class for Masters Degree

Are you looking for universities in the United States (US) that accept HND or third class for masters degree? People have frequently questioned whether pursuing a master’s degree in the United States with an HND is feasible or acceptable.

Yes is the straightforward and affirmative response. However, it is not straightforward, like many other excellent things.

If you are seeking for a list of US universities that accept HND for master’s degrees or confirmation that your HND is recognized globally, you have come to the right place.

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Companies and organizations place a high value on HND programs, and their courses attract students who want to learn by doing.

Taking HND courses could be beneficial to your professional growth. Nigerian polytechnics provide both the National Diploma (equal to an associate degree) and the higher-level Higher National Diploma.

After completing the first year of the two-year Diploma or HND program, students are allowed to take a year off to complete an Industrial Training (IT) internship in a relevant field.

Despite a long-standing debate, many people nowadays are opting to earn both a bachelor’s degree from a university and a polytechnic HND.

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Is HND acceptable for Masters degree in US?

Yes, the HND is accepted as equivalent to a bachelor’s degree by many American colleges and institutions. The United States actually has one of the highest admittance rates for HND students seeking a master’s degree.

An HND is the same level of education as the first two years of a Bachelor’s program or a foundational degree in the US. Some universities may even recognize the Higher National Diploma as being on par with an Associate’s Degree in the future.

There are many more universities in the USA that take in applicants with 2:2, 3rd class degree and HND holders. Most of these universities have funding opportunities.

So yes, you can get scholarships and funding opportunities in the form of graduate assistantship at US universities with HND or third class.

List of US Universities that Accept HND for Master’s Degree

Here’s the list of US Universities that Accept HND for Masters Degree admission in 2023

Visit the site of any of the universities or colleges and apply.

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