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Current Treasury Bill Rates in Ghana

Treasury bill is a short-term investment product issued by the Bank of Ghana on behalf of the Government.

It has a tenure of 91days, 182days and 365 days at different treasury bill rates in Ghana. Anytime you choose to buy treasury bill, you will be paid your capital plus interest at maturity.

Treasury bill is considered as one of the safest investment products because it is backed by government.

Why Buy Treasury Bills?

  • Treasury bills are risk-free and interest is guaranteed
  • You can use your treasury bill holdings as collateral for bank loan.
  • There are no applicable transaction fees with treasury bill
  • You can easily liquidate your T-bills to cash
  • T-bills are safe as it is backed by government.
  • Interest earned on T-bills are not taxed in Ghana
  • You earn a fixed rate of interest.
  • Your T-bill statements can be used to boost visa application process.
  • You have the option to roll-over your investment

Where can I Treasury Bills in Ghana?

T-bills are sold by financial institutions permitted by the Bank of Ghana and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Databank, Cal Bank and Ecobank are among some banks in Ghana that trade treasury bills.

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Buy treasury bill through mobile money

Ecobank Treasury bills are the most affordable and easily traded on the Ghanaian money market.

The bank introduced the TBILL4ALL product that allows the public to buy treasury bills through MTN mobile money with as low as Gh₵5.00.

You can read further on TBILL4All and the processes to buy Ecobank treasury bill online. As mentioned earlier, treasury bill has no applicable transactions hence not affected by the e-levy.

What are the current Treasury Bill (TBILL) rates in Ghana?

Here is the updated treasury bill rate in Ghana as at July, 2022, published by the Bank of Ghana:

Issue Date91 DAY BILL Interest Rate182 DAY BILL Interest RateIssue Date364 DAY BILL Interest Rate
04 Jul 202225.8821%26.5718%27 Jun 202227.4272%
27 Jun 202225.6383%26.4008%13 Jun 202226.8627%
20 Jun 202224.6805%25.9833%30 May 202224.4637%
13 Jun 202223.6991%25.4082%16 May 202221.5488%
06 Jun 202222.5743%24.4105%09 May 202220.6521%
30 May 202219.9389%22.9499%25 Apr 202219.6735%
23 May 202219.0807%20.7641%18 Apr 202218.8514%
16 May 202218.2262%19.2623%11 Apr 202218.2736%
09 May 202217.8800%18.8059%28 Mar 202217.1051%
02 May 202217.4085%18.5268%14 Mar 202216.9563%
Current treasury bill rates in Ghana

Treasury bills are a better choice of investment for only the short term, however, you can continuously roll it over for as long as you want.

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