The Glories and Woes of Dubia Porta Potty

When it comes to money, there are people who will do whatever it takes to have the bills, a bunch of them. There are people who are also ready to meet your need, but at a cost. Sometimes, a cost that may outweigh the benefit. Let me tell you about Dubai porta potty

Dubia Porta Potty is shredded in the believe of expensive escorts “bought” by rich Arab and European men to go on “yacht parties” for $30,000+ a piece. The idea is that, these rich dudes just want to have your “pretty” face and curvy body on their yacht just for the seek of it. At least that’s what they preach.

How much can I make in Dubia Porta Potty

You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars when you sign a Dubai porta potty agreement with a rich Arab or European man. $50,000 is a lot of money to make in just a night, isn’t it?

Now let me tell you what the stories in the agreement you are about to sign.

Porta Potty generally connotes portal toilet. So, these yacht experiences in relation to Dubai has to do with women being sexually abused, asked to sleep with dogs, eat human shit and drink urine and so on.

These come at the cost of expensive shopping, goodies and real dollars. If you care to know, here is an ordeal shared on social media by a lady who had one of these experiences.

Porta Potty story
Porta Potty sad story
Dubia Porta Potty story

Is Porta Potty Worth It?

It depends on you. Porta Potty can pay you much, but will eat shit, drink urine, get choked with pen*s, get your *ss fucked for some dollar notes? Ask yourself, would it be worth the notes?

That’s your decision but if your are not too lazy, here is how to make some good money online for free without getting your *ss fucked

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