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24+ Good Paying Summer Jobs for Teens & College Students

Summer is almost here; and you’re probably thinking of trying out some summer jobs. There are good paying summer jobs amidst the labor shortage situation.

I have listed over 20 summer work for everyone but teens especially. Our research reveals that, the average hourly pay for teen jobs ranges from $14 to $17 per hour; in some instances even more.

So if you’re a teen or college student looking to make money summer, you can check these out;

24 Best Summer Jobs for Teens and College Students

I’ve categorized the summer jobs so you can pick the ones that interest you the most.

  • Online summer jobs
  • Babysitting and Care summer jobs
  • Creative and fun summer jobs
  • Cleaning summer jobs
  • Writing summer jobs
  • Outdoor summer jobs
  • Sales/Retail summer jobs

Online summer jobs for teens and college students:

With technology, teens can now work online. However, a number of the work sites require a parent or guardian consent.

Before you begin the work, you will need to have a bank account to receive payments and a high-speed internet to make things run smoothly.

1. Review Songs

Sites like will give up to $12 per song you review and offer a rating. Instead of listening to songs for just pleasure, provide feedback and get paid as well.

2. Video Game Tester

Games are for teens and you would probably be trying some out. You can earn some bucks from testing videos games, identifying bugs and areas that need improvement.

Although it may not pay you much, you earn from doing what you’re already doing; playing video games.

Babysitting & caring summer jobs: children & pets

Babysitting is an awesome teen job that you can try out this summer. You can also make some cash from caring for neighbors’ pet, gardening etc.

3. Babysitter

How much can I make from babysitting job?

Babysitting is a no brainer job for teens. Most kids are out of school all summer, and their parents may need a fulltime babysitter to take care of their children while they’re at work.

If you’re good with watching and playing with kids, you can be a mother’s helper this summer. Websites like link up people looking for babysitters.

If you have had or thinking of getting a CPR training or a safe sitter course through the Red Cross, that will be a plus as parents would likely pay more for your service. The calculator estimates the amount you can expect to be paid as a babysitter.

4. Pet Sitter

People are back in the office and that means, more job openings for pet sitters. Pet Sitters simply watch and feed pets while the owners are not home, and you could earn around $150 to $300 in a weekend.

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters says there are ways to enhance your pet care business in a post-pandemic world. So this could be your summer to rack in some bucks.

6. Dog Walker

How much does for walking summer jobs pay?

If you love working with animals and scooping their poops, you can make money by walking dogs while the owners are at work or on vacation.

The pay rate for this job varies. According to Indeed, you can ask for anywhere between $14 and $17 per hour.

Creative & fun summer jobs: Monetize your talents.

If you’re handy and can make beautiful and useful stuff from anything, you can monetize those skills and earn some money this summer.

Even if you’re already employed, our guide on how to start business while employed can help you get your head around it.

7. Seamstress or Tailor

If you know how to cut, alter and make clothes, you can make money from this skill. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), tailors, dressmakers and custom sewers can make $17.03 an hour. You can do the math!

8. Photographer

How can I get photographer summer jobs?

There are plenty of opportunities to make with the camera, and you don’t need to be a professional. So you can start taking photos of animals, babies, weddings etc. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that  a photographer can make $18.73 an hour. 

If you are fond of taking photos, you can sell photos online and make up to $100 per shot.

9. Graphic Designer

Turn your design and creative into real cash by signing up with websites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can also use Canva to create visually appealing logos and social media, and earn money over the summer.

10. Woodworker

Summer woodworking jobs

If you can make chairs, crafts, or other wood works, start small business in your local area and sell to your neighbors.

You can also sell them on sites like Etsy. Woodworkers make about $17.65 an hour according to BLS.

Writing summer jobs

11. Proofreader

Proofreading companies and “adult writers” look for teens and college who got eye for details, and know where, when and how to use comma or full stop.

If you have a careful eye and can easily identify spelling errors, then you can be a proofreader this summer and get paid.

12. Survey Taker

You can make money from taking surveys. Websites like Swagbucks, survey junkie or one opinion pay you for taking surveys or sharing opinions on selected subjects. The payouts are not much, but they can add up with time.

13. Transcriptionist

How much does summer transcription job pays

Transcriptionist listen to audio files and type out what you hear or decode somebody’s handwriting. You would need a foot pedal to control the audio playback. Look for transcription jobs online, and earn up to $25 an hour.

14. Freelance Writer

Become a freelancer writer for blogs, online magazines or websites. You can also write essays, thesis, proposals for individuals or pitch and sell articles to publication companies. Fiverr and Freelancers are good sites for freelance writing gigs.

Cleaning summer jobs: Get Ready to Scrub

Cleaning and scrubbing may not sound like fun but someone has to do it and get paid.

15. House Cleaner

Get dirty cleaning houses in your local area, or start as a cleaning entrepreneur and earn some cash. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), maids and housekeeping cleaners make about $14.22 an hour.

16. Car Washer

Car wash summer jobs

You can offer to wash cars for your neighbors, or other people you know in your area. You can also reach out to any local car wash accepting applications. Indeed  and Glassdoor report that car washers make  about $13 an hour.

17. Pool Cleaner

This summer, you can look for companies hiring pool cleaners. If you’ve training in getting scum out of pools, that would be a plus otherwise you will need some training in handling the chemicals involved. According to Indeed, pool cleaners can make about $17 an hour.

Outdoors summer jobs: Get under the sun & get money in your pocket

This summer, you can try one of these outdoor jobs and earn some money:

18. Lawn care and landscaping

 lawn mowing jobs

Your work here would be to mow grass, pull weeds, pick leaves, water grass and any other work that keep the lawn tidy.

If you already have the experience, you can also look out for opportunities with landscaping companies. The BLS indicates that landscaping and grounds keeping workers earn about $17 an hour.

19. Construction Work

There are contracting jobs that are appropriate for teens. Some contractors are open to hire teen laborers.  The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health division has resources about safety for this kind of job. You can make about $18.04 an hour, according to the BLS.

20. Retail

Retail jobs near me

You can look for retail gigs at your favorite stores. Your duties could be to stock shelves, take inventory, help customers find products etc. The BLS states that retail workers make about $14.03 per hour.

21. Food Service

Take up a summer job at a restaurant or bar; prepare food, take customer orders, serve food, wash dishes etc.

You can earn tips from customers plus your wage. The BLS indicates that you can make about $12.50 per hour.

Sales summer jobs: Become a retail arbitrage expert

“Retail arbitrage” refers to buying an item at a low cost and reselling it at a profit. That’s another way you can make money this summer.

22. Clothes Reseller

You can buy bales of clothes and resell for profit. You can check out stores that buy used clothes and get your new business going.

23. Gift Card Reseller

Another summer business idea is to buy discounted gift cards online and resell them at face value. You may not have thought of this but it can be profitable

24. Movie Theater Worker

How much does part time theater jobs pay?

As a worker at the theater, you’ll take tickets, serve popcorn, dusting etc. According to BLS, you can earn about $8 an hour as movie theater ticket salesperson but this may vary based on   the location and company.

How to make the Most of a Summer Job

Summer job is not just an avenue to make some cash, but also an opportunity to build some relevant experience and skills.

It’s a great chance to learn personal and professional skills such as time management, people and organizational skills.

How to get well paying summer jobs

If you already know someone at a place you want to work, that makes it easier. Otherwise, go online and look for online or in-person application and follow the instructions. You can also walk into any of business you want to work for and ask about open positions.

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