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8 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

Instagram has become one of the most widely used social platforms without a doubt. According to Instagram statistics, the platform has 1.074 users worldwide. The transformation of the app into a business platform has made it easier to make money on Instagram than ever before.

A lot of individuals, entrepreneurs and influencers are taking advantage of the features of Instagram and getting paid. You may be wondering why should use Instagram to market your business instead of the other social media platforms.

Why You Need to Monetize Your Instagram Account?

Okay, so Instagram has become more popular only second to Facebook in active usage, and the numbers behind it platform is mind blowing.

Check these Instagram statistics for 2021:

  1. 1.074 billion users worldwide
  • 1 billion active users every month.
  • 50 percent of users follow at least one business account
  • 500 million Instagram users post a story everyday
  • 2 million Instagram advertisers post every month
  • 80% of Instagram users make a purchase decision about a product while browsing the app
  • Time spent on Instagram increases by 80% every year.
  • Instagram is youth dominant as 71% of the users are under 35%

Now the question is, with all these numbers; can you make money on Instagram? Yes, it is real and proven. Once you have an account with some followers, you can make money on Instagram.

Your audience and influence could help you earn more with multiple monetization routes. The general metric is about the number of your followers, engagement rate, content or your time on Instagram.

How do I get paid on Instagram?

1. Promote sponsored content on Instagram

get paid for sponsored content on Instagram

Let’s say your Instagram posts are always about a particular interest, like make-up, shoes or dogs. There are brands or manufacturers in those niches that need help in promoting their products to “niche related” audiences. So they will always want to pay you some cash to tap into your followings.

There are basically two ways to get this done. One way is to approach companies that sells products that you post about and willing to work with you. For instance, if you’ve niched down your Instagram posts to makeups and accessories, it is easier to find and promote products for brands in Makeup sales or manufacturing.

The other way is when potential business partners reach out to you. They believe you already have a good following and could sign a contract with you. This way, you can get paid on Instagram.

2. Sell Instagram captions

Instagram is used by many small business owners and influencers to promotes products and services. Good caption can improve online sales but most of the users have less expertise in writing good captions.

Therefore, if you are good in writing short, creative and engaging captions, then here you go. All you need is to write and post some creative captions on your space.

After you have built up some engagements (likes, shares, comments etc.), which can be used as samples of your writings, you can reach out to business owners either on or off Instagram to write captions for them.

It is reported that, some writers charge about $500 for 11 captions, or $1000 for 20 captions. To get able to charge these amounts for your services, you must focus on your ability to deliver. Business owners would usually pay based on your expertise.

3. Start a dropshipping business on Instagram

Earn on Instagram with dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online order retail model where you do not keep stock of the products you sell. Instead of a buyer visiting your store for products, and because you don’t keep stocks, you purchase the products directly from a manufacturer, wholesaler or another retailer.

The products would then be shipped directly to the buyer from the warehouse of the manufacturer. You can setup a dropshipping store with Shopify.

4. Build an Instagram community

Another way to make money on Instagram is the use of the subscription button. This feature allows you connect with your most engaged followers by giving them access to exclusive contents; videos, articles, products, giveaways, lectures etc.

This way, you can set a monthly subscription price, say $100 or $200 per subscriber for a specific period. Audiences who find value with you would pay to join your community.

After payment, you then unlock the subscription button on their profiles and those subscribers would access to your exclusive live videos or stories.

5. Sell your photos online

sell photos on Instagram for money

Instagram is all about visual media, and the need for digital images is on the rise. You can sell paintings, drawings, animations, poster photo and other visual elements for cash.

All you need is to create an account on photo stock websites and upload as many photos as you got. Then post a few on Instagram with nice captions and include in your bio, the link to your photo stock websites.

Refer your audiences to visit the site through your link. The photo stock company will pay you for every download.

If you are a lifestyle or entertainment blogger, then Instagram can be a good traffic source for you. Instagram introduced the “story link” sticker that allows users to add clickable links to their stories.

To use this feature, you will have to upload a photo or video content of your blog to your story.  Select the link sticker from the sticker tool and add the link to your post. You can also add the link permanently to your profile.

Check this:

a. Blogging Basics: How to make money from blogging.

b, How to start a professional WordPress blog

Since Instagram does not allow clickable links in posts, you will just have to write the links to your products or blog so that followers can copy and paste in their browsers.

7. Monetize your Instagram videos

With this method, you allow companies to run ads on your videos at a fee. The amount you earn largely depends on the number views-per-ads (CPM), pay-per-click (CPC) or sometime based on conversions (number of buys through your code). To start earning, you need to meet the Instagram requirement of 2 to 4 minutes long videos.

How to monetize Instagram videos:

Log into your account, in the creator account setting, enable the monetization for in-stream videos ads. Post as many videos on your Instagram stories, IGTV, reels or live event with ads and get paid as your audience view the ads.

8. Sell your products on Instagram

sell products on Instagram for cash

Another way to make money on Instagram is to sell products you make or buy from suppliers. Get a stock of these products, photograph them in an appealing way and post with a detailed, captivating caption, including the prices, description etc.

If you have an online store, you can add the link to your bio and refer your readers to click on it to complete a purchase. You can also exploit Instagram shop by tagging products in your Instagram images to lead readers to your product pages.


In all, the best way to earn on socials is simple: more followers + consistent posts = more money. If you are serious about making money on Instagram then, you must be ready to run your account as a business. You can also earn on YouTube with these YouTube ideas.

Build a solid followership, post quality content, engage your audiences and they will help you earn money easily.

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