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5 Essential Reasons Your Business Profile Must Be on Google

These days it has become easier than ever to promote your product or services online for free. You need to create a business profile on Google, verify your business account and improve its ranking in search results.

Almost everyone search for something on Google, and 50% of those who use mobile phones to search for local businesses, products or services end up visiting a store or an placing order online.

This is a huge opportunity for potential sales through organic search at zero cost. You have use free the features of Google to improve your local SEO.

In fact, Google still leads all search engines with over 75% market share of online searches. It is also reported to have over 5.6 billion searches in a day, mostly local content (businesses, products or services).

If all the above statistics seem confusing, I have explained some more specific reasons you need a Google Business Profile.

Why do I need a Google Business Profile;

  • Appear in Google Maps and Google Local Pack Listing
  • Improves your business visibility online
  • Get customers reviews for local ranking
  • Get useful insights for your business
  • Publish your business online at zero cost

1. Your business will appear in Google Maps and Google Local Pack Listings

You see the visible Google map and the list of business names show up right on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) whenever you search for a location or business on Google?

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That’s the Google Local Pack, and that’s the more reason you should pay attention to it. The more “searchable” your business is, the better the chances are of leading potential customers your way.

2. Your business profile will be visible

Your business has to be seen online, and the Google Local Pack contains majority of Google search results, after a user type in a query. This visibility helps Google users see the information they need at a glance

The Google Local Pack is a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which shows places related to a user search query. Your business contacts, relevant information, products or services, location, business hours and even customer reviews are some features of the GLP to help your business and potential customers.

So, creating a Google Business Profile and optimizing your online information helps you rank in searches faster and easier.

3. Customers can leave reviews of your business

review for google ranking

Never down play the power of online customer reviews either for sales purposes or local business SEO. According to Moz, online reviews account for about 10% of how search engines rank local results.

If you want your business profile to be among the first page of search results, you can turn on the review feature in your Google dashboard (you have no reason to put it off anyways).

This way customers can leave positive feedback about your business is a must. Reviews build customer trust, improve local search rank and increase sales. Look at how to use reviews to rank your business on Google.

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4. You will insights to improve your business

Once your business profile attracts engagements, Google will provide you with relevant statistics that can help you understand your niche and market.

How is this possible?

Google Business Profile has some powerful features and tools that will show you analytics and insights that can help determine where your audience is coming from.

a.  Business profile views

You can see the number of time online audience viewed your business profile, photos, you’re your posts. This shows whether your campaigns are effective and gaining traction or you have to re-strategize.

b.  Search Queries

Google business profile will provide you a detailed report on how audience find your business on Google. It shows how people are using keywords to search for your business or listings in your niche.

Knowing these keywords help you to incorporate them in your description, posts or updates, which can boost your traffic.

c.  Engagement

Engagement statistics show how online audience are interacting with your posts, business profile and its features.  You are able to see their comments, shares, reviews, views etc.

d.  Audience

Google business profile provides a summary your following; their geography, age groups, gender, and the like. These reports help you tailor your campaign to your online audience.

Another helpful insight that, Google business profile can actually show you the number of times people clicked on your website link.

This statistic can help you improve your audience engagement, website traffic, and boost company sales.

5. Google Business Profile is free and easy to use

Like other Google products, the Google Business Profile is a free, easy and efficient tool that can be used it to promote a business, product or service. Creating and verifying your profile can be done in a matter of hours.

You should always look for tools that can help you analyze your performance and improve your business ranking in search results.

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