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How to Access the Mobile Money Account of A Deceased Person

It is nearly impossible to retrieve money from a mobile money account without knowing the security access code. If the account holder is deceased, it becomes the more difficult to retrieve the funds.

A lot of people have been seeking answers on how to resolve this. Lately, I have been looking for the same answers after a close relative passed.

There are several theories out there about how to breach a mobile money account and access the funds of a deceased.

This led me to have a conversation with a source at the Anti-money Laundering, Compliance and Analytics Department of a telecommunication service provider in Ghana.

The Senior Manager outlined the necessary processes one must go through to retrieved the funds of a deceased person.

He further debunked the widely perceived assertion that mobile money service providers take ownership of the funds of deceased persons.

He explained that according to the laws governing the operations of mobile money service, the funds of all deceased persons are sent to the Central Bank of Ghana if the relatives of the persons don’t initiate the process to retrieve the funds.

“ We don’t keep the funds with us. Per the laws governing our operations, all the un-retrieved monies of the deceased customers are sent to the Central Bank,” – Source1

Before outlining the requirements and documentation needed for the process to begin, he stated that it is the responsibility of the relatives of the deceased to follow up on the locked-up funds as the company will not know whether a MoMo customer is dead or not.

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“It’s the responsibility of the families of deceased persons to follow up for the money in their mobile money accounts. This is because, if a MoMo customer dies, it is difficult for the company to know. First, the family has to investigate to be sure that the deceased has a mobile money account, and if that holds true, they can initiate steps to retrieve the money,” – Source2

What are the requirements to retrieve money from a mobile money account of a deceased person?

The interviewee mentioned that the documents below are needed for the processes to begin;

  • Letter of Administration
  • Death certificate of the deceased customer.
  • Photo ID of the person on the letter of administration.

He added that with these documents, a report can be made at any of the  branches of the MoMo service provider (MTN, Vodafone etc.).

The company will then start the processes which will lead to the release of the funds.

In his own words;

“The family can go to any MoMo branch to report the case. When the required documents are provided, the Telecommunication company will start the process to enable the family to get the monies back.”

So, all is not lost. When you lose a relative or your  business is ‘mobile money intensive’ and a partner who has access to the funds dies, you can initiate same or similar process to retrieve the funds.

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