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7 Reasons Why You Never Make Money Online

The opportunities on the internet are endless, and whether you believe it or not, people are cashing out every minute. I always say that, if you are online, then you have no reason not to make money online.

However, I have come to realised that, there are some people who can never make money online. This is not to say the internet is made for some special people. No, that’s not the point.

Many small businesses and bloggers are not making money online because they’re not patient nor commit their time and resources.

There is no magic to online success; it is purely strategy and effort. So, I have highlighted some 7 real reasons why you’re not making money online.

Why can’t I make money online?

1. You’re following your passion

2. You don’t investment

3. You have a weak mind-set

4. You focus on African audience

5. You don’t have proper internet connection

6. You lack business strategy

7. You think everything is a scam

1. You’re following your passion

Passion is probably one of the most abused job search terms. You hear people say ‘this is my passion’ or ‘I’m passionate about this and that’.

But doing something because you like it doesn’t guarantee success. You know why? Because people don’t buy passion, they buy value.

People are selfish and they want what will benefit them. So nobody cares how much you like your sewing machine, your blog or your baking machine.

If you don’t produce what they want, they won’t pay you what you deserve, period. Got it?

2. You don’t investment  

Online business requires some investment

You need money to make more money. Heard of this right? Yeah, it is a simple rule of thumb. Making good money online is not free as most people make you believe. That claim is very incorrect.

To earn money online, you have to invest money. For instance, to set up a professional blog, you need to buy a domain name and hosting. Digital marketing, creating targeted Ads, and all those sort aren’t free.

I bought my blog hosting from Bluehost, one of the best hosting companies in the world. If you buy through my link, Bluehost you will earn a discount on your purchase and I will build a blog for you for FREE with premier theme and plugins.

Yeah, online business isn’t free, somes investment is required to get it going.

3. You have a weak mind-set.

A genuine online business takes some months before you start seeing results. When you create and verify your business profile on Google, it won’t start ranking higher in days.

Starting a blog and posting articles won’t get you on the first page instantly nor just get people to click on your ads. It takes time to earn a passive, regular flow of income from the internet.

If you are not willing to be patient and put in more effort, don’t expect to get paid. Otherwise, you have to run your online presence as an entrepreneur not an employee.

4. You focus on African audience.

The internet is a global connection, so when you target your online business to African audience, it may take you a very long time to see results. Hard truth!

Not many African buyers use credit cards, visa cards, or even virtual bank accounts. Even if they do, it is too expensive for them to convert their local currencies to the Dollar, Euro, or Pound, so they won’t spend.

Why then will you create a product for a market that is not willing and ready to buy? Even advertisers are also not willing to spend money on those audiences, offline or online.

The African mentality is about earning and not spending. You can’t make any good money in a place where people just want to earn. Unless you have a good targeting strategy and even that, you will have to overwork. Is that what you want?

5. You don’t have proper internet connection

You need an active internet connection to make money online

When you have a business online, you have to be online. To be active online, you have to have access to 24/7 uninterrupted internet connection.

This is where I say again that, you have to make some form of investment. Get a Mifi or turbonet for yourself. If you’re serious about making money online, this shouldn’t be a big cost for you.

6. You lack business strategy

You need strategy to make money online

Just as a physical business needs strategy to sell, so does an online business. Sometimes, you have to pay someone to teach you how to get results.

If you are not willing to pay, you can find your secret strategy on your own, but that would be through a lot of experiences, mistakes and even failures.

The truth is that, over 74% who think they can do it all on their own quit in no time. You can do a blend of both for a better result.

7. You think everything is a scam

Online business is not a scam.

These days, you can make money online without much difficulties, but that is not to say the internet is scam-free, no. You have to figure out how to easily spot a scam. You have to be vigilant.

Nonetheless, not everything is a scam. You can take surveys and get paid. You can trade bitcoin and make profit. You can start blogging and earn money. You can start freelancing on fiverr for cash. You can even make money selling photos, watching movies and playing games online.

You may have your doubts, and that’s okay. But not everything is a scam. Read about anything you want to venture and make your move.

Final thought

You won’t make money online with an employee mind-set. Entrepreneurs invest in their businesses, provide value for clients, have a business strategy, remain patient and positive.

If you want to earn money online, you have to follow the principles of an entrepreneur. Run your online presence just like a business and wait for the profits to start flowing.

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