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3 Ways To Be Financially Secure And Build Wealth

Straight to the point, extra streams of income can make u feel more financially secure and build wealth.

It is becoming old fashion and very stressful to be reliant on check from your full time job, given that change and uncertainties in life are inevitable.

A life event has the potential to change your financial goals, drain your savings or leave your broke if not ‘debt—ridden’.The only cushion here is multiple streams of income.

These 3 known multiple sources of income will help you attain your financials goals and build wealth.

1. Wages and Salaries

Getting a regular pay check from a full time or part-time job is a great way to start your financial journey.

Although record numbers of people are quitting their 8 – 5 jobs, the pay check from an active work can help you pay off your monthly expenses, at least.

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For the certainty of an income coming in every 28 days, you can plan and budget. It is even better if you have multiple jobs.

2. Investments

Investing is a true way to growing long-term wealth. Investments make your money work for you either in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, high yield savings accounts or real estates.

While you sleep, you might earn dividends, interests and capital gains from your diversified portfolio of investments.

3. Side Hustles

With inflation on the rise and cost of living moving in a parallel direction, living pay check to pay check is becoming old fashion and less prudent.

It will make sense to start turning your passion, hobby or skill into a passive income source. To do so, you first need to think of yourself as an entrepreneur. These business books could serve as a guide.

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Entrepreneurship requires time, dedication, commitment and some resources. For instance, if you can paint, paint more at your free time and sell.

Nowadays, it costs next to nothing to start a profitable blog, offer tutorials online, design graphics and many other potential income sources.

These services are always on demand and people are willing to pay for them. The internet has made it possible to have a lot of online side hustles that can also bring in extra cash.


The benefit of these streams of income is to have some sort of financial back up for uncertainties.

Although money from extra sources may not look much, but when it is small and consistent, it will build up overtime.

This can help you take care of some monthly expenses or go on a vacation.

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