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24 Blogging Ideas To Inspire You To Write More

When it comes to blogging, the most important thing is to produce content on a consistent basis. And, you will need inspiration and blogging ideas to keep you going.

But when inspiration fails you, do you give up? No, because bloggers and companies that invest in posting regularly are known to rank better and do well. Let me share this data with you;

According to HubSpot data “78% of companies that update their blogs daily have acquired a customer through their blog.” It added that “companies that blog 20 or more times in a month see most return in traffic and sales leads.”

If you are an individual blogger, you may not need this figures to be successful. However, you will need a blogging plan or an editorial calendar that works best for you and stick it. You must decide how often to write, time to publish and to which audience, at what time.

Your niche shouldn’t limit blogging success. I have put together 24 blogging ideas that can help you keep up your blogging momentum.

List of Blogging Ideas

  • Review Products
  • How To’s
  • Feature Clients
  • Opinions
  • Book Review
  • Niche Research
  • Giveaways
  • Business Motivation
  • Industry News
  • Post Recap
  • Expert Interview
  • Terminologies
  • Experiences
  • Charity
  • Post Swap
  • Tie Posts
  • Own Research
  • Rank Sites
  • Company stories
  • Discuss Tools
  • Talk Podcasts
  • Comparison
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Upcoming Events

Review a product

 customer evaluates products and services. Customer satisfaction and marketing survey rating concept.

Review products you have used before. People always want to know how a product works before purchasing. Your reviews and ratings will help your audience make a better choice.

Write a ‘how to article’

You can write an in –depth post on how your readers can get something done. Readers are always willing to learn something new or find posts that solve their problems. For instance, how to setup a professional blog for FREE or how to invest in treasury bills etc.

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Feature clients

Talk to satisfied customers of your business who will like to share their positive experiences in using your product or service. And when they do, blog about it. This could cause others to also try your products.

Share your opinion on current event

Read more on a particular current event and take a solid stand. This blogging idea drives you traffic when you argue from a controversial point about the event.

Review your favorite book

Share the books on your reading list with your readers. Post regularly to help them journey with you in your readings. This could drive traffic and engagement for your site.

Share an interesting research in your niche

New studies are released in industries from time to time. Look out for a few and share with your readers to keep them informed.

Try giveaway or coupons

You can ask readers to subscribe to your email list or follow your social media pages for a voucher or coupon. This is great way to drum up engagement.

Tell why you started your blog

What inspired you to start your business or site? Is it your skill, experience or just a hobby? Tell your readers the story.

Share industry news or trends

Once you choose to write in a specific niche, there will always be news items and breaking news in there. Pick a few as they come, and share with your readers.

This will not only benefit them now, but they will stick to your blog as a source for current trends in the industry.

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Recap your posts

There are always some old posts on your site whose readership has dead down. Take some time to update it by adding fresh information and republish.

Interview an expert in your industry

Have a conversation with an expert or an authority in your niche about matters that your audience will appreciate.

Conduct a Q&A session on the topics that your readers could learn from and share it in a blog post.

Define some industry terminologies

You can create glossary of terms in your niche or industry for readers. Just list a number of the uncommon terms to help your readers understand them better.

Share your experience as a blogger or business

Readers love original stories so go ahead and share your business journey and how it is going. This could motivate them to take an action.

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Write on the CSR of your company

Blog about charitable responsibilities that your company has embarked on. It is reported that customers are shifting to companies that give back to society. This could be a way to get new customers.

Try a guest post swap

Reach out to other bloggers in your niche that are willing to swap blog posts with you. This will not only keep your site current but will also help you build credibility and expand your audience.

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Put together multiple posts as an anchor text

A lot of readers, and even Google gives more attention to content that show depth on a subject. So, try to put together multiple but similar blog posts on your site into one larger anchor text that seems to answer every possible question on a topic.

Alternatively, you can just break very long (3000+ word posts) into multiple series of posts with not less than 500 words.

Conduct your own research and share with your audience

Undertake a research on a subject or topic that interests and publish. You can use Google Forms, Survey Monkey or Google’s Insights.

Your work could be cited on other blogs or websites. This will help you build backlinks and rank better in Google Search.

Rank website/blogs in your niche

Vector illustration, Customer reviews rating, Different people give a review rating and feedback, Support for business satisfaction. Customer choice. Know your client. Business satisfaction support

You can compile and publish a list of top 10, 20 or even 50 of the sites or blogs in your niche. This particular idea is such that you can update the list anytime or preferably annually, and republish.

Talk about your company

Blog about your company’s mission statement, processes or employees that are contributing to your business success.

Share some tools for your business or blog

I have a good experience with Bluehost for my site hosting. Yoast SEO works perfectly for me. Elementor is creative enough for designing websites.

Just in this order, you can share with your readers, some the tools that improve your business or blog. You can just list 5, 10 or 15 of them for your readers to also try out.

Talk about your favorite podcast

You probably have a lot of podcasts you listen to from time to time. Share your favorite podcasts with your audience.

Put together a collection of inspirational quotes

Compile and share quotes that inspire you as person with your audience. This could make you more relatable to your readers.

Compare products or service

Product comparison information between two products.

This idea is similar to product review but this time, you pick similar products and rate them. You can better on this if you have personally used the products before.

You can also compare services. Say services by hotels, restaurants or banks. This will help your readers make an informed decision.

Talk about upcoming events

Another blogging idea is with sharing of seminars, trainings and personal development opportunities available in your industry/niche with your audiences.

Let them what is coming up. Audience who are interested will stick to your blog for future updates.

In all, before you think that you can write any more or blogging ideas and inspirations have withered, come back here and pick one of these to keep you going.

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