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2 Advice About Money For People in Their 20s and 30s

The future is young, and whiles a lot of young people make the right decisions with their hard earned monies, others tend to be very free with their spending. The true is that, many a times some people get confused over where exactly to invest their money. That’s is why getting acquainted with some advice about money is important.

While I won’t advice you to save excess cash, at least given your financial situation (that all your present needs are catered for), I will certainly recommend you to invest. But before then, you must do this;

Read and understand investing

Investing may sound complex especially when you hear about stocks, EFTs, cryptocurrencies, Mutual Funds, and Forex etc. As such, some people may take advantage of you by introducing ‘double-money’ schemes to you.

Fraudulent investment schemes are rampant these days, and sometimes out of sheer greed or desperation you may throw your hard earned money at it. And in the end, you may lose all of your money.

However, to be successful at making the best investment decisions with your money, you must first understand terms such as risk tolerance, investment management fees, taxes, withdrawal processes, loading fees etc.

Usually, people may not have time to read and understand these terms, hence they opt for the easy way out; hire a financial planner or advisor.

But when you want to start an investment journey on your own, it is important to have full understanding of these terms.

Don’t be timid with your investment decisions

I know this sounds someway but that’s the true. I completely agree that fear is natural and sometimes in excess when it comes to money decisions.

Before you commit to any form of financial investment, it is important to know how much of your money you are willing to lose.

Sometimes, investments grow and other times they dip. If you are new to this situation, you may have some fears.

However, knowing your risk tolerance level will first alleviate the fears, help you decide how much you’re willing to invest, the specific time to keep your funds in a given portfolio.

These should keep you on your journey of successful investments.

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